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Bizoi, M.; Suduc, A.-M.; Gorghiu, G. Hybrid method to design multi-language web sites 2009 427-430
Gorghiu, G.; Gorghiu, L.M.; Bîzoi, M.; Suduc, A.-M. Setting up of a web educational video-clips exhibition related to the implementation of virtual experiments in Sciences education 2010 2906-2910
Gorghiu, G.; Gorghiu, L.M.; Suduc, A.M.; Bîzoi, M. Considerations related to the videoconference with European Science teachers organized in the frame of vccsse project 2011 574-578
Gorghiu, L.M.; Gorghiu, G.; Dumitrescu, C.; Olteanu, R.L.; Bîzoi, M.; Suduc, A.-M. Implementing virtual experiments in Sciences education – Challenges and experiences achieved in the frame of VccSSe Comenius 2.1. project 2010 2952-2956
Kordaki, M.; Bizoi, M.; Gorghiu, G. Teachers' computer supported constructions within a European virtual community collaborative space for sciences education: An experience achieved in a multinational European project 2010 349-356
Suduc, A.-M.; Bîzoi, M.; Gorghiu, G.; Gorghiu, L.M. Information and communication technologies in science education 2011 1076-1080