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Author Bîzoi, M.; Suduc, A.-M.; Gorghiu, G.
Title Teacher's perception on developing and implementing virtual experiments Type Conference Article
Year 2010 Publication Abbreviated Journal
Volume Issue Pages (down) 133-136
Keywords Comenius 2.1 Project; European project; Experiments; Free of charge; New approaches; New teaching; Personnel training; School buildings; Teaching; Technological progress; Training course; Training material; Virtual experiments; Virtual instrument
Abstract Technological progress has allowed the emergence of new approaches to teaching. The virtual instruments development has led to lessons based on virtual experiments – applications that simulates real-life phenomenon and are specially designed for students use. Many virtual experiments can be obtained free of charge from the Internet, but their use in the classroom involves more than these tools availability. It involves the use of new teaching techniques and training materials. Through a European project, hundreds of teachers of sciences were trained to develop and implement virtual experiments in the classroom. This paper presents some of the expectations of teachers before the start of the training course and their opinion after the class implementation.
Corporate Author Thesis
Publisher Place of Publication Editor
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Series Editor Series Title 1st International Multi-Conference on Innovative Developments in ICT, INNOV 2010 Abbreviated Series Title
Series Volume Series Issue Edition
ISSN 9789898425157 (Isbn) ISBN Medium
Area Expedition Conference
Notes <p>Conference code: 83482</p>; <p>Correspondence Address: Bîzoi, M.; Automatic Control, Informatics and Electrical Engineering Department, Valahia University, 130082, Targoviste, Romania; email: mihaibizoi@yahoo.com</p>; <p>Export Date: 13 December 2012</p>; <p>Language of Original Document: English</p>; <p>References: (2001) Report from the Education Council to the European Council: “the Concrete Future Objectives of Education and Training Systems”, , http://ec.europa.eu/education/policies/2010/doc/repfutobj_en.pdf, Council of the European Union, Brussels, 14 February, 2001; <br/>(2009) VccSSe – Virtual Community Collaborating Space for Science Education, , http://www.vccsse.ssai.valahia.ro;<br/>Cerghit, I., (1980) Metode de Învǎtǎmânt, , Editura Didacticǎ şi Pedagogicǎ, Bucureşti, Romania;<br/>Chiaverina, C., Vollmer, M., Learning physics from the experiments (2005) Discussion Workshop Report, , http://www.girep2005.fmf.uni-lj.si/dwreport/dwb.pdf;<br/>Gorghiu, G., VccSSe: Virtual community collaborating space for science education“ – An European project experience under socrates comenius 2.1 action (2009) Education 21, Special Number: ”virtual Instruments and Tools in Sciences Education – Experiences and Perspectives“, 54, pp. 7-16. , Casa Cǎrţii de Ştiinţǎ Publishing House, Cluj Napoca, Romania;<br/>Gorghiu, L.M., Suduc G. M, A., Bîzoi, M., Dumitrescu, C., Olteanu, R.L., Related aspects to the pedagogical use of virtual experiments -research (2009) Reflections and Innovations in Integrating ICT in Education, 2, pp. 809-813. , FORMATEX, Badajoz, Spain;<br/>Olteanu, R.L., Dumitrescu, C., Gorghiu, L.M., Gorghiu, G., The use of virtual experiments in science topics teaching process from the view of teachers' feedback (2009) Education 21, Special Number: ”virtual Instruments and Tools in Sciences Education – Experiences and Perspectives", 54, pp. 51-57. , Casa Cǎrţii de Ştiinţǎ Publishing House, Cluj Napoca, Romania;<br/>Suduc, A.M., Bîzoi, M., Gorghiu, G., Virtual instrumentation environment used in the VccSSe project (2008) Postepy Eedukacji – Praca Zbiorowa Pod Redakcjq Zespolu Osrodka Ksztalcenia Na Odleglosc OKNO PW, pp. 364-370. , (Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej), Warsawa;<br/>Suduc, A.M., Gorghiu, G., Bizoi, M., Masior, W., Latka, M., A comparative analysis on using several virtual instrumentation software in education (2009) Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Computer Supported Education, CSEDU 2009, 1, pp. 435-438. , Lisbon, Portugal</p>; <p>Source: Scopus</p>; <p>Sponsors: University of Piraeus; University of Piraeus – Research Center</p>; The following values have no corresponding Zotero field:<br/>Author Address: Automatic Control, Informatics and Electrical Engineering Department, Valahia University, 130082, Targoviste, Romania<br/>JF – INNOV 2010 – Proceedings of the Multi-Conference on Innovative Developments in ICT<br/>JA – INNOV – Proc. Multi-Conf. Innovative Dev. ICT<br/>CY – Athens<br/> Approved no
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